What we are seeing and feeling right presently is anticipated in the Old Testament Prophecies concerning the apocalypse. The realities are, in any case, that it has just barely begun as before it completes there will be minimal left as the world in which we presently live will be scrubbed of all the wickedness and hopelessness achieved by men. They set up the bogus divine beings and phony pictures for individuals to revere while rulers advance themselves as divine beings on earth and Father Gods in paradise.

To see the profundity of the insidious and the religions that are given out as guarantees of everlasting life in paradise or heaven one can’t resist the urge to perceive¬†Father George Rutler how the Spirit of Creation is rankled. Be that as it may, it is in the arrangement of God set out from the beginning of the Day of The Lord to do this and nothing might have halted it.

The main monster of Revelation is Islam, tainted to ‘Ismal’ the child of Abraham. He is the Assyrian portrayed in the follow sections as the person who elevated man’s cravings to become divine beings.

“For thou hast said in thine heart, I will rise into paradise. I will lift up my seat over the stars of God: I will sit likewise upon the mount of the assemblage… I will climb over the statures of the mists: I will resemble the most High. However thou shalt be brought down to heck, to the sides of the pit.” Isaiah 14: 13-14

This has occurred as man tried to resemble a genuine God. The book of Genesis was modified to make out that man is made in the picture of God and afterward the Second Beast went up to make him into Father God. This was crafted by Constantine who set up the Roman Catholic Church and set up a trick to raise himself to the most noteworthy seat.

His decrees endure and he utilized viciousness and passing to compel everybody to venerate the picture of the alleged Son of God that he made (Revelation 13:15). He assembled the Vatican as a parliament of ministers to guarantee that the religion endure and individuals wherever had to submit to its orders. He at that point put Mary, the Mother God of Babylon and the sun, into it as the Mother of God. It is her 5-point star that sits on the banner of Islam.