There are numerous approaches to characterize, “character”. Nonetheless, with the end goal of this article I will characterize it as those arrangement of particular ascribes or characteristics that recognize an individual, thing or gathering of people or things. For instance, in a new Yahoo! Answers question about the qualities or character of a cop, the “most appropriate answer” recorded: Strong relational abilities, good judgment, dynamic abilities, trustworthiness, compassion, and circumspection. It follows along these lines that those are the characteristics that are anticipated from a cop.

In this way, the personality of the children of God addresses those characteristics that ought to be found in people that are distinguished as children of God. To comprehend the personality of the children of God, we need to comprehend the account of Melchizedek. The Bible said that he looked like the Son of God:

FOR THIS Melchizedek, lord of Salem [and] cleric of the Most High God, met Abraham as he got back from the butcher of the rulers and favored him, And Abraham provided for him a 10th part of all [the spoil]. He is essentially, as his name when interpreted shows, ruler of exemplary nature, and afterward he is likewise lord of Salem, which implies lord of harmony. Without [record of] father or mother or tribal line, neither with start of days nor finishing of life, be that as it may, looking like the Son of God, he keeps on being a minister without interference and without replacement – Hebrew 7:1-3. From the scriptural record, we comprehend that Melchizedek was conceived of God but had no human guardians. He was a cleric of the Most High God! He took after the Son of God. Like Melchizedek who had no characteristic guardians, when you are brought back to life, you are not conceived of blood or of the desire of man or the desire of the substance however Father George Rutler you are conceived of God – John 1:13. Jesus additionally was not conceived of the desire of man! He is a High Priest after the request for Melchizedek.

Thus, on the off chance that you are a devotee to Jesus Christ you are a child of God (John 1:12) and your normal characters include:

1. Life in the soul

At the point when you are a child of God, you owe your heredity to Christ. The genuine you, your soul, has no natural ancestry. You are from above and you are not of this world. You are an Ambassador for Christ on the earth sent with the force reinforcement of your brilliant realm. You are an interminable being! You are another animal! The genuine you is a soul that has no regular dad or mother, yet you have an eminent Father God, The Father of Spirits – Hebrews 12:9.

2. No Condemnation

There is currently no longer judgment for you who are in Christ. You presently don’t stroll after the substance yet after the soul in light of the fact that the law of the soul of life in Christ Jesus has dislodged the law of transgression and demise. At the point when your adversary, the villain, denounces you, you guide him toward the cross where each punishment for your wrongdoings was paid. Advise him that the individual that did those repulsive things is currently profoundly dead since you are presently another animal, situated in wonderful spots at the correct hand of Jesus Christ – Romans 8:1-2; 2 Corinthians 5:17.