With all the disarray and contentions encompassing the contentions regarding whether Jesus Christ is God, there is the need to allude to sacred writings for comprehension to prepare for defending what may show up evident yet wrong.

Different perspectives arise about the persona of Christ, yet a genuine declaration is without question and uninhibitedly communicated without debate, effortlessly appreciated with affirmation to scriptural targets.

Altogether these contentions, “God isn’t the creator of Confusion” (1 Corinthians 14:33). Thusly any tenet that repudiate this guideline makes superfluous discussions without lauding the name of God.

The pertinence of God as a powerful being or divinity isn’t restricted to a specific conviction or the Christian confidence alone yet of any remaining strict society, so this article will be disassociated with whatever other religion which may have “God” as an important inclination, while trying to unwind the genuine character and characters of God.

The Cambridge word reference characterizes “God” as (a soul or being accepted to control some piece of the universe or life and regularly adored for doing as such, or something that addresses this soul or being)


John’s declaration about the tradition of Jesus may have confounded numerous in accepting that since Jesus existed from the start of the universe, everything made through Him, at that point it surmises all things were made by Him (John 1:1-3).

Without a doubt John’s declaration was affirmed by Jesus own explanation when He told the instructors of the law that Abraham cheered at the vision of His (Jesus’s) days and closed determinedly that before Abraham was conceived, He existed (John 8:58). With power, Jesus again uncovered that David was given a dream of His main goal (Matthew 22:44, Psalm 110:1).

In the event that Jesus offered these absolute expressions of truth to accommodate with the record of Major predictions as referenced along with Paul’s own admissions “And without debate incredible is the secret of faithfulness: God was show in the tissue… ” (1 Timothy 3:16), at that point could all these and more infer that Jesus Christ is really God himself?


In an experience with Moses, God uncovered His heavenly name interestingly ”I showed up unto Abraham, unto Isaac, and unto Jacob, by the name of God Almighty, however by my name JEHOVAH was I not known to them.” (KJV Exodus 6:3)

This is the first of uncommon sacred texts God illuminates His own personality by notice of His Holy name, leaving any remaining related known names (Lord, God, God Almighty) as privileged titles and true to form, He reminds us to Keep His name Holy and not to abuse or specify to no end (Exodus 20:7) like the regard presented to names of pioneers in high specialists.

So if the Almighty God bears interesting Father George Rutler name, on what premise do some guarantee Jesus is same as God. Do they intend to say Jesus Christ is Jehovah God Almighty? Unmistakably, not really.

As mind boggling as it might appear, we see plainly a disclosure of Jesus Christ as one who have been in presence from the start of time and in fact to the furthest limit of time (Revelation 22:13, Matthew 28:19). Jesus Christ is uncovered as a working vessel “the word” as per his Father (Genesis 1:26, John 5:17; John 1:1-3).


Humankind was made by God (Genesis 5:2), should the main Adam been imagine by God other than a making of residue, unquestionably man will have been a divine being! Furthermore, as humanity gave forward Mankind (Genesis 5:3), in same design a Son of God turns into a God “However the unrivaled child, who is himself God… ” (NIV John 1:18). The idea of Jesus Christ is of God as the idea of the Father.

To crystalize this secret, we should remember the voice that came to John the Baptist concerning Jesus Christ, “This is my child, whom I love; with him I am very much satisfied” (Matthew 3:17). Furthermore, by this voice, John the Baptist affirmed “And I knew him not: however he that sent me to absolve with water, the equivalent said unto me, Upon whom thou shalt see the Spirit diving, and staying on him, the equivalent is he which baptizeth with the Holy Ghost. Furthermore, I saw, and exposed record that this is the Son of God.” (KJV John 1:33-34).